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GOLDEN - the German edition of Adriana’s most recent book, was release in March 2018 at the Leipzig Book Fair. The volume, summing up five years of reading and life experience in over 50 miniatures, was met by the critics with the words: “The whole volume is characterized by stylistic fluidity, which transgresses the genre barriers, coagulating itself in a homogenous product, where the clarity of the text is permeated by subtle poetical currents.”

Adriana Carcu is the author of five books, signs a column in Orizont, the magazine of the Romanian Writers’ Association, and contributes with, stories, interviews and reviews to numerous cultural magazines and sites. Adriana writes in English and Romanian.

In 2016 her book JazzStories was published in Romanian and English; a volume comprising interviews, reviews, essays, and jazz poetry. The 18 interviews with international musicians are accompanied by a group of essays, which provide the reader with a genuine picture of the inner mechanisms of music and its magical effects on the true listener. The volume was awarded the Book of the Year 2016 prize at the gala Timisoara Jazz Awards.

In July 2014 Adriana published the volume Povestiri din vremea de după (Stories from the Aftertime), a project that records 12 encounters with artist friends in an act of biographical recuperation meant to round up the portrait of a generation that has defined for the last four decades the cultural profile of her hometown, Timisoara. 

In the summer of 2012 she published the volume Cronica Sentimentala (Sentimental Chronicle) summing up travel notes, reviews, and essays that cover a five years span of life and writing experience. The book was shortlisted as The Best Book of the Year by Gala Bun de Tipar, the gala dedicated to the Romanian editorial excellence. In October 2014, Eine Sentimentale Chronik the German edition of her volume Cronica Sentimentala was launched at the Frankfurt International Book Fair.

In 2009 she published a volume of narrative interviews titled Povestea zilelor noastre (The Story of Our Days), containing the life stories of 12 representative Romanian artists living in exile. The book is the result of two years of travel and research, and was acclaimed as “Personality interviews, made with aplomb but also with love; a consistent study matter for those who wish to specialize in performance journalism”. The interview with artist Valeriu Sepi was awarded “Best interview of year 2007” by the Romanian literary magazine Academia Catavencu. In 2010 the German edition was launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair with the title Die Geschichte Unserer Tage.

Between 2007 - 2010 Adriana was Executive Editor of the on-line entertainment magazine No Strings Attached E-News, where she has created and edited the section Europe Reloaded. 

In 2010 Adriana founded ArtCiclova Association together with two fellow artists, the writer Robert Serban, and the visual artist Calin Beloescu. The association, located in the Western Carpathians, in the ancient village of Ciclova Montana, is supporting the arts and the humanities aiming to encourage the economic development of the area and to foster the idyllic beauty of the environment. Since the early 2000 Adriana has curated over 50 art exhibitions in Germany and Romania with artists representing to both countries, as well as American visual artists.

Adriana is a graduate of the philology faculty at the West University of Timisoara, specialty English language and civilisation. She teaches since 12 years English and Romanian at the Adult Education Centre Heidelberg. Since 2016 Adriana is a member of GEDOK, The Association of German Female Artists and Art Supporters, and participates regularly to the UNESCO project, Heidelberg, City of Literature. Adriana was born in the Romanian city of Timisoara, and lives presently in Heidelberg, Germany and in the Carpathian village Ciclova Montana, Romania.
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